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Advanced Dental Technology for Fast, Accurate, and Comfortable Care

Dr. Todd H. Shainholtz incorporates a wide range of advanced dental technology at his Eagle, CO, practice. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes a CEREC® machine and digital x-rays.

The CEREC® system allows Dr. Shainholtz to provide same-day dental restorations in many cases. Digital x-rays capture accurate images of your teeth, facilitating early diagnoses and personalized treatment plans. At Dental Arts of Eagle, we also offer the latest endodontic equipment to provide efficient root canal therapy. 

CEREC® System for Same-day Restorations

CEREC® is an innovative imaging and fabrication system. This technology enables us to provide same-day dental crowns and veneers that are virtually identical to your teeth. CEREC® restorations are convenient, as you will not need to make multiple visits to the office. 

This technology enables us to provide same-day crowns and veneers that are virtually identical to your teeth.

When you come in to receive a same-day restoration, Dr. Shainholtz will first prep your tooth for treatment. Then he will take 3-D digital impressions of your tooth, using them to design your custom restoration. As the doctor will be working on a chairside computer, you can observe the entire process. After the designs are finished, Dr. Shainholtz will send them to our on-site CEREC® machine. Similar to a 3-D printer, the machine will produce a unique restoration in an hour or less. CEREC® uses solid porcelain to make natural-looking restorations, and your doctor will ensure that your crown or veneers will match your smile and meet your aesthetic goals. When it is finished, Dr. Shainholtz will attach your restoration to your tooth in the same appointment.

Cerec® system

CEREC® technology allows for natural-looking restorations in one office visit.

Digital X-rays Offer Sharp, Precise Images

X-rays have long been a standard of dental care. However, digital images are sharper and more accurate than older film x-rays. Dr. Shainholtz can magnify these x-rays many times on the computer, thus identifying decay and other problems much earlier. This allows him to treat these conditions before you require extensive restorative treatment.

Digital x-rays are also more convenient than film. Dr. Shainholtz will be able to pull up and examine past x-rays much more quickly and can easily transfer them to a specialist if needed. Finally, digital x-rays involve far less radiation exposure than traditional x-rays. With digital x-rays, we can protect both your oral and systemic health.

Advanced Endodontic Equipment for Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is commonly considered a painful and unpleasant treatment. Patients often try to avoid it, but your treatment can be comfortable and hassle-free with our modern tools. Dr. Shainholtz can gently reshape your teeth and remove decayed tissue using our special handpieces. This method involves minimal discomfort and recovery time. He can often complete endodontic treatment in a single day, thanks to our same-day CEREC® crowns.

Learn More about Our Dental Technology

We utilize the latest technology to diagnose dental issues and perform treatments, ensuring our patients receive the best care. Contact Dental Arts of Eagle to learn more about our technology and to find out how it can improve your dental experience.

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