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Smile Makeover

Dr. Todd H. Shainholtz offers smile makeover treatments in Eagle, CO, that can address both cosmetic issues and oral health concerns. A smile makeover combines a variety of treatments in one personalized approach to enhance the appearance of your smile. Since form often follows function in dentistry, treatments that are generally considered practical can often contribute to the final results of your smile makeover.

Completely Transform Your Smile

During your initial consultation, Dr. Shainholtz will assess your oral health and discuss your goals to determine which procedures would best help you achieve your ideal smile. If you have oral health issues in addition to cosmetic concerns, we will treat them first to give you a healthy foundation for your smile.

A smile makeover combines several treatments in order to make your smile look beautiful in terms of symmetry, proportions, and color. Prior to your treatment, we will create a mock-up that provides a preview of what your smile can look like following treatment, and you can suggest changes in order to achieve the smile you want. Once you are satisfied with your preview, we can begin implementing your smile makeover. 

smile makeover

A smile makeover can enhance the symmetry, proportions, and shade of your smile.

Planning Your Treatment

A smile makeover requires careful calculation, a sense of artistry, and advanced understanding of oral anatomy. A close study of your smile by Dr. Shainholtz will allow him to begin recommending not only the right combination of treatments, but also the right dimensions needed to make your smile look unforgettable.

The first step in achieving a smile that makes you look your best and provides an exhilarating boost in confidence is to schedule a consultation at our office.

Two crucial means of determining the right dimensions of treatment are your smile line and the Golden Proportions. In dentistry, the Golden Proportions are the height-to-width ratio of the teeth that show when you smile. In many cases, patients' smiles look best when the width of the front teeth are about 3/4 of their height, although this differs from one case to the next. Surrounding teeth can be altered to provide an attractive complement to these teeth according to your smile line. The smile line refers to the way the bottom lip curves when you are smiling. Patients' smiles often look their best when the curvature of the top teeth matches this line. These alterations are typically achieved using porcelain veneers or dental bonding.

Phasing Treatment Combinations 

Healthy teeth and gums are the foundation of every beautiful smile,  so if you require treatments for gum disease, tooth decay, or missing teeth, these will be completed before moving ahead with any cosmetic procedures. Dr. Shainholtz provides tooth-colored fillings, a solution that can restore a decayed tooth following cavity treatment while providing a completely natural appearance.

Dr. Shianholtz also provides dental implants, the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. This treatment requires at least two surgeries and four to six months of healing time, but can provide the best support for restorations. Unlike other tooth replacement solutions, implants also help you avoid changes in the shape of your jaw over time.

Once you have achieved an excellent state of oral health, Dr. Shianholtz can begin performing cosmetic procedures. Teeth whitening is often the first treatment provided. Once complete, he can match any crowns, veneers, or other treatments to match your teeth and achieve an overall brilliant new smile.


Insurance usually covers at least a portion of the cost of tooth decay treatments, dental crowns, and other practical procedures. However, you can expect that cosmetic treatments will incur an out-of-pocket cost, and dental implants are rarely covered. We believe patients should be free to pursue the smile they truly want instead of cutting corners in order to fit a budget they can immediately afford. We offer CareCredit® financing, which can provide qualifying patients with low-interest and interest-free payment plans. We are also glad to speak to your insurance provider on your behalf to secure the most coverage possible for your treatment.

Begin Planning the Smile of Your Dreams

The first step in achieving a smile that makes you look your best and provides an exhilarating boost in confidence is to schedule a consultation at our office. Contact us online or call 970-328-6347 to book your appointment with Dr. Shainholtz.

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