A Typical Dental Exam Procedure in Eagle, CO

Dental exams are essential preventative measures meant to fight adverse oral conditions like plaque, cavities, periodontal diseases, and gingivitis. Many patients dread dental exams ostensibly because they are apparently painful and expensive. In the hands of highly trained dental teams, however, you will be astonished to learn that these exams are virtually a painless ordeal and remarkably affordable.

Regular exams help you to maintain those confident and radiant smiles. It is therefore imperative for you to partner with an award-winning dental services firm or dental practitioner for guaranteed results. A typical oral exam procedure includes the following diagnostic tests:-


·         Diagnostic radiography Here, the dentists use X-rays to detect any oral anomalies, for instance, tumors, bone loss, cysts and even decays.

·         Cancer screening- Regular visits to the dentist, are an excellent opportunity for you to be screened for throat, lips, neck, face, gums and tongue cancer.

·         Gum disease detection- Dental exams are used to check and control any periodontal diseases.

·         Tooth decay inspection- the dental practitioner inspects your teeth for any signs of cavities and decay on these visits.

·         Restoration examination- Patients have their tooth fillings and crowns examined during this periodic visits.

  • Cleaning- The dentists use specialized equipment to clean your teeth and remove all traces of tar.

Dental Clinic Testimonials

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Dental Exam Financing

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At our dental clinics, our proficient medical experts offer you all the advanced dental treatments needed to ensure you maintain a happy, healthy and a radiant smile, always!

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